FreshTurf, is developing an open-source registry for parcels and consumer products on the Hyperledger blockchain. Its expertise in developing software at the intersection of blockchain technology and user engagement.

FreshTurf is based out of Singapore and has already set its own office up and uses a mixed mode development style with Sodainmind. In the course of 1 year, Sodainmind has helped FreshTurf develop its UX, UI and Development teams. Sodainmind continues to add value by planning future development and providing staff for growth.

ClientFreshturfServicesDesign Team Development, Web Team Development, Mobile Team DevelopmentYear2017, 2018,

Timeline for Sodainmind and Freshturf
Freshturf - product shot
Freshturf - lifestyle shot

Sodainmind worked with FreshTurf from 2017 until 2019 – working closely with their founders to build a team located out of Ahmedabad, India. The team that Sodainmind built for FreshTurf started initially with a web development team who built a dashboard with connectors to physical hardware that was located in Singapore and China. This proved to be a great challenge but with technical direction from Singapore, the prototype was built and eventually, after some growth by FreshTurf, a team in Singapore was started.

Within 1 year, FreshTurf was able to start a local team in Singapore on their own. By 2019, FreshTurf was able to hire their entire team full time, under their payroll. The team that moved from Sodainmind to FreshTurf had already been working on many various technologies including object recognition, projection and devops. The entire project also involved the teams at Sodainmind to gain knowledge on the hyperledger technology built by IBM.

FreshTurf is a successful company to have graduated from Sodainmind where the entire team is now fully run by FreshTurf, independent of Sodainmind since February 2019.

Statistics about Freshturf and Sodainmind engagement