Carddio is a mobile application that allows SME business owners a quick and easy way to manage the name cards they collect. The application is built to help SME management gain better insights from their sales teams. Carddio is built as a SAAS based mobile application for these SME sales staff and a web based application for the management.

Carddio has begun its operations in 2017 and is now in full development following a successful prototyping and validation phase.

ClientCarddioServicesBusiness Planning Consultancy, Design Consultancy, Web Team Development, Mobile Team DevelopmentYear2017, 2018,

Timeline for Sodainmind and Carddio
Carddio - lifestyle shot
Carddio - product shot

Carddio was conceptualised as a one stop smart solution in the form of a mobile application to save and share business contacts. The initial idea seemed too much like a common CRM for us to be excited about but as we embarked on the project, we realised there was truly a market need for a simple mobile-first, mobile-led, sales man tracking tool. The application would require us to build a team that would learn about many new technologies including business card reading technologies, OCR technologies and also other image processing and optical recognition libraries.

A huge challenge faced were licenses around such technologies and eventually google vision libraries were selected for the app to start working with. Sodainmind also had to set up a robust devops process for Carddio to ensure the product was scalable

Sodainmind has been working with Carddio Pte Ltd since the inception of the idea, helping to first conduct a market study. This was followed by a prototype to help the founder get some initial buy-in on the product. After this process was completed, a quick round of UI/UX was conducted and a team was quickly put together for the development of the project. Currently, Sodainmind continues to manage and run a team of 4 for Carddio

Statistics on the engagement between Sodainmind and Carddio