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Slush Singapore: Fringe Events

Together with Slush Singapore, Workcentral, and TBWA, we have organised a series of fringe events to warm up the interest for the main Slush debut on 20th September 2016. For each of the events, SodaInMind has designed and developed a landing page, an email template and a series of social marketing collaterals.

Organising and marketing such events has been an entirely new experience for the company, and yet it was also invaluable, paving the way for more exciting collaborative projects. Here’s the rundown of the events:

1. Network Like a Pro

Benjamin Loh, a renowned public coach and the author of “Inspirit” book, was invited by WorkCentral for an amazingly inspiring and encouraging talk, emphasising the necessity and benefits of efficient and open networking in conferences like Slush.

Slush Singapore Fringe Events: Photo 1
Benjamin and Dmitry Kharchenko (on the right) as an old monk in a “White dog, black dog” story

This event was attended by startups from Singapore as well as event organisers and investors such as Slush, Wellspring Investments, Singtel Innov8.

2. Pitch Like a Pro

Moving forward down the way of startup journey, the next event was dedicated to delivering the core message in a pitch. The value proposition, as the speaker David Isaac puts it, is something that your business cannot outsource, and carefully defining it is the main topic of his talk.

Slush Singapore Fringe Events: Photo 2
Being a natural born salesman, David knows how to make his speech captivating

Somehow, we attribute part of this event success to the poster:

Slush Singapore Fringe Events: Photo 3
A scene from 1953’s Julius Caesar movie is the right fit for the case

3. Slush Singapore Startups Networking

Slightly different from the first two, the final event was hosted by Collision 8 and was by itself just a networking session. However, its opening by TBWA Singapore’s Tuomas Peltoniemi actually made up for that.

The event was also the largest one, counting more than 150 registered attendees.

Released: 19th September 2016