Rhad is a digital agency that delivers marketing and design services to clients. The main focus of Rhad is in the digital space. Capabilties include planning marketing activations and placing marketing analytics mechanism across digital channels.

Rhad has offices in Singapore and Indonesia. Rhad is also part of Dog Digital, a digital agency from Glasgow, Scotland.

ClientRhad Pte LtdServicesBusiness Planning Consultancy, Web Team Development, Mobile Team DevelopmentYear2017, 2018, 2019Linkwww.rhad.agency

Timeline for Sodainmind and Rhad
Rhad - product shot
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Rhad started operations in 2017 as a merger between Dog Digital (Singapore) Pte Ltd and its co-Founders. The company boasts working with many large brands such as Royal Brunei Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Borneo Motors, Union Pay International, Aberdeen Standard Insurance and JP Morgan. As a digital agency, Rhad continues to work with companies to build and manage digital campaigns and executions in the area of design and marketing through technology.

Rhad has recently started growing its operations in Singapore after its graduation from the incubation provided by Sodainmind.

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