Flavor is an web based CRM for schools and educational institutions. The system boasts having school management features such as:
– Lead generation and processing
– Lead to Student conversion
– Student management
– Parent management (where required)
– Class management and scheduling
– Invoicing and Student payment history/trend analysis
– Staff management

ClientFlavor Education CRMServicesBusiness Planning Consultancy, Design Consultancy, Web Team Development, Mobile Team Development, Marketing Team DevelopmentYear2016, 2017, 2018, 2019Linkflavorcrm.com

Flavor - lifestyle shot
Flavor - product shot

Flavor was developed with 2 flagship clients, Crystal Learning (https://crystallearning.edu.sg/) and Palate Sensations (https://www.palatesensations.com/) in 2016. Since then, more clients have come on board. The product has since evolved to include both client acquisition and back end operation management for small to medium sized schools and training providers.

Flavor has since grown to allow for much quicker and easier onboarding with timelines as low as 2 weeks to migrate and start using the system. The team at Sodainmind has also set up a robust devops process for Flavor to ensure the product was scalable. Flavor has also built a team, in Singapore to offer dedicated assistance for training and onboarding to ensure a smooth transition from any older system or process.

Together with their clients, Flavor continues to improve the way in which leads are brought into the system, converted to students and managed by the school. Currently, Sodainmind still helps to manage and run the technology team with the aim for Flavor to go independent in 2020.

Statistics of how Sodainmind and Flavor work together