CStory is a marketing facilitator-platform, enabled with machine learning and self-service modules, to help you execute marketing campaigns that are efficient and cost effective.

The solutions that CStory offer are a business model by an existing agency based out of Singapore. The agency wished to pivot their existing business services. This new business model offered a new, unique and more cost effective way to reach more clients.

ClientCStoryServicesWeb Team DevelopmentYear2018, 2019Linkcstory.asia

Timeline for Sodainmind and Cstory
Plan for your business
Cstory - product shot

CStory is a web application project that was started on in 2018. The project involved creating a platform where the client would be able to upload documents and offer services. The services and document downloads would be made available to clients via a monthly subscription type mechanism. The clients of CStory would be able to view their account and download documents based on limits set by the subscription plan.

The project started with the requirement of Sodainmind filling both Technical Project Manager and Developer roles. Currently, the team working on CStory include 2 web developers and the technical project management training has been provided to CStory and their newly formed team. Sodainmind also had to set up a robust devops process for CStory to ensure the product was scalable.

Cstory is still actively working with Sodainmind to grow and train their existing team members.

Statistics of the engagement between Sodainmind and CStory