Oh! The wonderful world of apps. Where would we be without them?

Those apps that make our days just that much easier, our mood that much lighter and our journeys that much more comfortable. They help us through our busy days, make us smile on our bad days and keep us connected with family, friends, and ‘Insta-famous’ personalities on our lonely days.

App developers build their products to serve people. User experience is a big part of that but just as there are plenty of regular things that regular folks use apps for, there are also plenty of apps out there, just a tap away from being inside your smartphones that have existences which really seem built to raise an eyebrow or two.

Like a trip into the ‘upside down’, these stranger apps are worthy of their own TV series and this rabbit hole is not for the faint of heart. You could encounter apps to make you cower and tremble or puke up yesterday’s breakfast, even lose faith in humanity…

Here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the stranger apps available on the market.

iShaver Pro

Talk about great apps, did you know that there’s an app that shaves you…? Virtually, that is. Fire up the app and you see an electric razor. You hold the button down and you’re shaving. Virtual hair starts shedding. You can choose different lengths and colours of hair and if you purchase the Pro pack, you unlock different razors. Funky huh?


Just like a regular social media app, you scroll through a seemingly never-ending stream of random things. You like and comment on posts. You “rebink” posts (like retweeting in twitter). You “left swipe”, “right swipe” like you do in Tinder. It’s just the way a social media app should be except that…there’s no social element in this social media app! (Let that sink in) So there’s really no point in doing anything because all your likes, rebinks, swipes, comments are all only visible to you!


Sure, yeah, there’s nobody who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire, right? What’s the next best thing though? Answer: counting a million dollars which isn’t yours and which you can’t keep and which all only exists in the virtual world! Yup, this app does just that. You get to count the moolah in $50 or $100 bills and there are even different swipe gestures to count your non-existent bounty too.

Places I’ve pooped

You heard that right! Actually (in all seriousness), out of all the really weird apps out there in weird app land, this just might be one of the more purposeful ones. As the name suggests, Places I’ve pooped is an app that marks the places where you’ve dropped one. There’s a purpose there. I know there is! Or maybe I’m just having a brain fart. Anyway, moving on…


You might be feeling a little restless and like a little dumb, fun, excitement would sort you right out. S.M.T.H (Send me to heaven) is an app that calculates how far your phone travels when you throw it up in the air. If the phone doesn’t make it back into your hand, well, that’s your own fault. Play at your own risk, you have been warned…

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