Google Fi, a cell network provider, recently confirmed a data breach. This is likely connected to the recent security incident at T-Mobile, where millions of customers’ information was stolen. The hackers only accessed limited customer information, but phone numbers were briefly hijacked in some cases. Google is working to secure the data and notify potentially impacted customers.

What was Breached

Google Fi’s primary network provider informed the company of suspicious activity related to a third-party support system. The hackers accessed limited customer information, including phone numbers, account status, and information about mobile service plans. However, personal information and payment card data was not taken.

How it Happened

At least one Google Fi customer reported their phone number was briefly hijacked, known as SIM swapping. The intruders transferred the number for almost two hours and could have used it to send and receive calls and texts.

Number of People Affected

The number of affected Google Fi subscribers is not clear, and the company has not disclosed the total number of cell subscribers.

What Next

Google is working with the unnamed network provider to secure the data and notify potentially impacted customers. There was no access to Google’s systems or any systems overseen by Google.