Apps. We just can’t seem to live without them these days…Despite our reliance (or overreliance) on them, you might find people that label them nuisances, say that great interface design is turning us into smartphone addicts and that these apps contribute to a future populated by easily distractible, inefficient individuals out for instant gratification.To some extent, they may be right. However, these same people might change their tune the moment they find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, trying to make heads or tails out of a paper map without Waze anywhere in sight.There are always two sides to a coin…In a variety of instances, an app could be that knight in shining armour, here to save you from the inadequacies of the way things once were.

In fact, sometimes, some tasks can actually be impossible to complete without an app of some sort.

In a world where you might find productivity levels in worrying decline, remaining competitive is important so if you want to get more done in less time and if you’re looking to minimise distractions as well as maximise efficiency, rejoice! There might just be an app for that!


Finding it difficult to stay organised due to your hectic daily schedule? What about important information and ideas? Do they seem to slip right through the cracks? This cloud-based app can be accessed across all of your devices and lets you take notes, create lists, record voice reminders and more.


Maybe the nature of your job requires that you store important information on your PC or Mac but what happens when you’re separated from your computer and urgently need to access critical information/files? LogMeIn is an iOS app that lets you access files remotely via iPhone or iPad so that your work is always at your fingertips, no matter where you are.


Sometimes, you just can’t properly get ideas down in simplistic lists and notes, particularly ideas that need to follow a thread. For thoughts that exist in a flow that needs to be easily be pieced together, you may want to consider mind maps. If you have a team, members can all contribute to solutions for a problem through easy mind maps in MindMeister.


This free service is a remarkable productivity app that lets its users create boards and drag tasks between steps. Trello makes visualising where the members of a process-based project are in the steps quick and simple. Each task can be assigned to a label or group and you can set priorities, type comments and add attachments.


Sometimes soothing, focus-inducing sounds can boost productivity. This free app helps keep you efficient and alert through the sounds of nature (such as rain) and by using the Pomodoro productivity technique. This technique involves breaking down a workday into chunks of several minutes and breaks of a few minutes. Tide lets you stay productive for longer periods of time by regulating work and break durations. Aside from getting you into that focused state, Tide is also great for sleeping and chilling.

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