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A smart HR system for a smart business

Carbonate helps you keep track of attendance and leaves in your company, and keeps you connected to your staff with its built-in broadcasting and promotion messaging tool.

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*We are a UX-focused team of developers and designers. Our goal is making our products understandable at any level. The result is web and mobile applications that take minutes to learn and are easy to implement in any company, big or small.

What we do

Mobile app design & development

Web app design & development

UX / UI design

The bottle opener in our logo is a symbol of opening up new talents and possibilities.
Our super-mastermind-plan of world domination is to get the most talented, skilled and motivated people working together to spark a change in design and development culture in India.

And we are serious about it.


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    A person’s value is not based on their title or years of experience, but rather on how they contribute to the common effort. Every member of our team feels responsible for the job they do and is proud of it.

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    Education is everything. The person should be encouraged to better their skills all the time. The working environment should be incentive to the continuous learning, ideas should be shared, knowledge multiplied, soda drunken. There is a lot of things we don’t know or can’t do. There is nothing we cannot learn.

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    Great user experience is essential to any product. Ultimately, an ideal object is the one that has its function fulfilled without manifesting its own presence.

Selected work

Acloudery: Landing page

Slush Singapore: Fringe Events

Ambrosia Communications: Website

Young and Rubicam: M1 Totem Microsite

The Gang: Toyota InTouch Microsite

Nara Thai: Website

We’ve also done some rather high-profile (shhh) jobs that we can’t really talk about.
But here are some honourable mentions of our dear clients and partners:

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